Empower Active CIC

Empowering your School, Workforce and Children by providing positive solutions through all thing PE, PA, School Sport and Health and Wellbeing supporting Worcestershire Schools and your community

“Marc and James have worked in our school for a few years delivering coaching and mentoring for staff in school and also delivering high quality sports provison. More recently James has successfully delivered the LivWell programme with groups of children in year 3 and 6. The quality of the delivery has always been outstanding and highly professional. Both Marc and James are highly skilled and deliver a high quality sports provision that introduces new sporting skills but also develops core skills. The way they work with the staff is superb. Staff who have been involved in coaching and mentoring have felt supported and feel their own practice has improved significantly.The impact of the support and work they have provide for Perry Wood pupils has shown an increase in pupils physical fitness and also their well-being. Children really enjoy these sessions and look forward to them each week. Marc and James have also provided some competition days for our school with our trust hub schools. These were really successful and introduced all schools to new and exciting sports while developing the idea of a competition and good sportsmanship. I would highly recommend either James or Marc working in any primary school.’

PerryWood Primary School


Our vision is to actively improve the health and wellbeing of all children, young people and adults in Worcestershire by giving opportunities to be active more often. 

When you work with us then the children and young people in your community benefit as a Community Interest Company we will ensure that our profits are reinvested into projects that support our mission and vision.


Our programmes and interventions in schools will promote making and maintaining friendships, therefore working on social skills, team building and building up a support netwwork and around the children and young people. In the community we  will provide a safe environment for all and provide everyone with a sense of belonging. 


At Empower Active CIC we know the importance of physical activity and children and young people’s physical, emotional and mental health.

Physical activity supports physical health as it helps develop fundamental skills, strengthens muscles and bones, helps children and young people to maintain and healthy weight and reduces risks of health issues in later life.

We will provide as many opportunities for everyone to be active more often. Providing fun, engaging and new, exciting activities for all. 




We have professional, experienced staff dedicated to supporting children to progress in many different areas; by offering children and young people the chance to learn new skills and develop new interests and hobbies we will boost their self-esteem.

We work alongside a number of fantastic local companies, that deliver their services into schools and the community. 

Mental wellbeing

Physical Activity supports emotional and mental health as it reduces stress,  symptoms of anxiety and depression. Physical activity releases endorphines which improves the mood, with all the positivity it naturally helps to improve resilience and self-esteem. 

We have a number of programmes in schools and in the community which can improve mental wellbeing. LivWell (health and wellbeing active programme), yoga, mindfulness classes, and many more. 

Maintaining friendships

Our programmes will promote making and maintaining friendships, therefore working on social skills, team building and building up a support network around the children.