Extra curricular activities

Schools are an important part of children getting their recommended 60 minutes sport and physical activity.

Ofsted’s new inspection framework means inspectors will be expecting to see schools are offering children the chance to be active throughout the school day and through extra curricular activities.

For many children being active at school is their only opportunity to be active.

Our extra curricular clubs give your school the chance to offer year round clubs with a wide variety of activities to keep children engaged throughout and wanting to do more sport.

Our extra curricular clubs are tailored to meet the needs of your school;

Multi skills clubs. 

Sport Specific clubs, eg. Football, Tennis, VX and many more.

We have fantastic coaches

We have fantastic coaches who are highly qualified and experienced in what they do, available to teach some exciting extra curricular clubs.

Not only do we offer clubs for before and after school, we can offer lunchtime clubs too.

We know that in schools lunchtimes can be an issue, children can get bored and often they haven’t got enough available to them to keep them entertained, these problems then lead to poor behaviour at lunchtime and more incidents.

Our lunchtime clubs provided from highly qualified staff can eliminate these problems and create an active school, leading to children engaging in lessons better after lunch and physical activity.